What to Expect from Your Session 


During your session we will spend between an hour to an hour and a half capturing all those unique moments that you want to remember forever. Come expecting to have fun, let go, and be yourself ! I will capture the most natural un-posed moments, as well as some posed shots . I find that the photos you think will be the worst become favorites.  I use my time and talent to create the most fun environment and show it in photo.


What to Wear:

I find that solids work really well as they are not distracting. If you feel something with pattern works best for you, then you may wear it. I suggest that you stay away from too many floral prints because they take the focus away from the face. The same is true with extreme plaid or multicolors on one garment. Black and denim, white and denim, white and khaki are all favorites, as well as a mixture of other solid colors. Ultimately it is your choice on what to wear as you know what you look best in, I am only offering suggestions based on experience.


The day of your Session: 

This is when I will give you all your details and you will sign your contract before your session. I will provide a copy for you to take home with you as well. Payment in full is expected at this time. I will text or call you either one day before, the day of (within2 hours), or both to confirm your session time and location. If you do not confirm I will consider your session cancelled and the next time you book a non-refundable deposit will be required. I do understand last minute emergencies come up, and I may have one myself, so feel free to contact me ,as soon as you are aware that something has come up, to  re-schedule your session.


After your Session:

This is when the anticipation starts!! You are so excited to see the finished product that you spent hours preparing for. Don’t worry you will see a preview within a week of your session. The final proofs may take up to 2 weeks to complete. I spend about 8 hours editing each 1 hour session to ensure you are getting the best final image possible. 


What You Get When Your Photos are Complete:

Everyone gets their very own online digital gallery on my site password protected. 

If it is included in your package you will get a high resolution disc of the best  edited images. I do not provide un-edited images as the photos will remain copyrighted to me, though with printing rights you may print as you please for your own personal use. The photos I provide to you, in any form provided, may not be reproduced, altered, falsely represented or sold . I do not include my watermark on a high-res disc so you can have text free prints. 


If you choose to order prints, please provide me with the sequence number of the photo, not the photo title number, that you wish to have a print of. I will order prints for you and deliver them. It usually takes a week and a half to receive prints after order. 



**Very Important Additional Note:

Enchanted Iris Photography retains all copyrights to photos and maintain the right to use for advertisement on any and all of my resources that I may choose. I only provide printing rights to customers not copyrights. It is illegal to reproduce, alter, falsely represent, and sell any images I may provide.