Please choose from this list of locations for your photos Or Suggest a location if it is not on this list

I will also come to your family home


Chatsworth Park

Wright Hotel

Brookwood Park

Red Clay Indian Grounds

Praters Mill

Holly Creek 

Grassy Falls (Seasonal)

Historical Train Tunnel (Tunnell Hill)
Fort Mountain State Park

Fort Mountain Overlook

Civitan Park and Trail

Dalton Train Depot

First Presbetarian Church(Sugart rd Dalton)

Downtown Dalton 

Manly jailworks

Crown Mill

Whitfield/Murray Historical society


Calhoun City Park ($25 travel fee)

Berry College ($40 travel fee)

Coolidge Park $(25 travel fee)

Hunter Museam ($25 travel fee)

Chicamauga Battlefield ($25 travel fee)

Ooltewah Memorial Park ($20 Travel Fee)